• Ontario Beekeepers Association (OBA)
    • our provincial advocacy group and an excellent general resource
    • extensive searchable list of Ontario bee and beekeeping suppliers
    • home of our famous tech transfer program
    • annual membership recommended and you can also get group insurance from them at an excellent rate (and they will name others on your policy as needed)
  • OMAFRA Essential Practices for Beekeepers in Ontario
    • A nice 6-page summary of all the things every beekeeper in Ontario should be doing (not necessarily how, but it is a great summary)
    • You can download a copy on our site in case the above link stops working.

Online How-to Videos (based in Ontario)

Other beekeeping videos

Local Bee / Equipment Suppliers

Local Vets who can support beekeepers

As you probably know, beekeepers now need to get a prescription from a vet in order to purchase the Oxtytet we use to treat for American Foul Brood. Here are the names of 3 Vets that have been sourced by members of our organization.

Beekeepers will have contact the vet and create a Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) before a prescription can be issued.

Other Ontario Suppliers