Peter and Sandi Dickey are at the Powassan Group March 8th meeting!

From: Kathie Hogan <>
Date: 12 February 2018 at 15:09
Subject: Peter and Sandi Dickey are at the March 8th meeting!

​1. Next meeting​ ​- Thurs. March 8. Peter will be talking about “Hive Inspections-what to do and look for throughout the year”. Sandi will be taking advance sales and they will bring any products to the meeting. Connect with Peter and Sandi Dickey at dickeybeehoney@​ Their website is at​. They will also be bringing their homemade pollen patties (with Hive Alive included in them) to sell.​ Please CONTACT DICKEY HONEY IN ADVANCE if you are interested.

2. The Local Food Fest is set for Saturday May 5th. It is a day of gardening and food topics, with a Seed Exchange and some beekeeping thrown in. I really hope my beekeeping peeps will support me in this annual endeavour.

3. Even though it is winter…keep an eye on your hives and keep both entrances clear of snow.

4. Thanks so much to Dave and Helen Douglass for an outstanding presentation this month! We’d say more….but it would go to Dave’s head!

5. Here is a message for a Feb. 18/19 event in North Bay​ ​-

I was hoping you could share our event with your Bee Group distribution list – and primarily because, Bee City Canada’s founder – Shelly Candel is our guest speaker on Friday night and she will be doing a talk on Saturday as well. I figured your group would appreciate hearing her speak and we are trying to recruit municipalities, businesses, schools and other organizations to become Bee City certified… so this would be a good opportunity to learn what they are about!!

She will be speaking:

1) Saturday Feb 18th – 7pm @ the North Star Diner

2) Sunday Feb 19th – 3:15-4pm @ St. Andrew’s United Church

Here is the link to their website:

Kathie Hogan

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