MPBSA Meeting Minutes – April 21, 2018 DRAFT

These minutes have not been approved so they are considered DRAFT minutes.
Board members present: Roland Lalonde & Rob Key
  • call to order at 0940
  • World Bee Day – May 20 (United Nations declared world bee day to be May 20 last December – )
  • Motion to approve last meeting minutes by Craig and seconded by Joe Boehm – carried.
  • Next meeting is Friday, May 11, 2018 and John is bringing some food at 6pm if people want to show up a bit early – meeting still starts at 6:30pm
  • Rob reviewed the antibiotic discussion at the Powassan meeting with the vet that they had come in.  This vet will probably provide the antibiotics to beekeepers and it shouldn’t be a big deal.
  • Joe mentioned that you can buy some before the legislation is passed and put it in your freezer and it should keep for quite a while (at least until the whole process gets sorted out).
  • Q&A
    • when to unwrap – Joe recommends middle of May for this year
    • when to re-queen – up to you, queen’s can live many years and some commercial bee keepers re-queen every august, you should be able to tell by your brood pattern if your queen is still viable – the workers will also know and take care of this themselves if you don’t (if you are letting the hive raise their own queen – should aim for when the dandelions are out, otherwise you can introduce a new queen any time)
    • where to find mason bees – set up your bee house and they will find it!
    • will there be a tour this year? – yes, still looking for volunteers – was going to be Bracebridge / Gravenhurst but maybe Parry Sound again, Rob will talk to Peter Istvan
  • reminder to take courses if you are interested – there are quite a few available right now
  • 50/50 – Joe won but donated his winnings to the club funds
  • Motion to adjourn by Joe seconded by Roland – carried.
  • formal meeting closed
  • equipment show and tell and discussion

MPBSA Meeting Agenda – April 21, 2018 – Club Expo

Hey Fellow MPSBA members!

I would like our April 21 meeting to be a morning of sharing of beekeeping ideas.

If you have a beekeeping related item you like, bring it along. It could be wooden wear, a tool, a magazine, a particular kind of feeder, anything at all.  If it is too large to bring in, snap a picture and bring that.  Don’t be afraid of duplication, we all know there are many different makes and designs of the simplest items. (smokers, hive tools, uncapping tools, bottom boards, bee suits, etc)

We will set up tables around the parameter of the hall to display your items and leave lots room in the centre to move around, have a chat and a coffee.

For those of you just starting out, this will be a chance to get a look at real equipment used by actual beekeepers.

So, you’ve got a week or so to think about, find that item in the shed, in the back of the truck or  dig it out of the snow, and bring it along to the Raymond Hall on Saturday, April 21 at 9:30am.

See you there