MPBSA Meeting Minutes – April 21, 2018 DRAFT

These minutes have not been approved so they are considered DRAFT minutes.
Board members present: Roland Lalonde & Rob Key
  • call to order at 0940
  • World Bee Day – May 20 (United Nations declared world bee day to be May 20 last December – )
  • Motion to approve last meeting minutes by Craig and seconded by Joe Boehm – carried.
  • Next meeting is Friday, May 11, 2018 and John is bringing some food at 6pm if people want to show up a bit early – meeting still starts at 6:30pm
  • Rob reviewed the antibiotic discussion at the Powassan meeting with the vet that they had come in.  This vet will probably provide the antibiotics to beekeepers and it shouldn’t be a big deal.
  • Joe mentioned that you can buy some before the legislation is passed and put it in your freezer and it should keep for quite a while (at least until the whole process gets sorted out).
  • Q&A
    • when to unwrap – Joe recommends middle of May for this year
    • when to re-queen – up to you, queen’s can live many years and some commercial bee keepers re-queen every august, you should be able to tell by your brood pattern if your queen is still viable – the workers will also know and take care of this themselves if you don’t (if you are letting the hive raise their own queen – should aim for when the dandelions are out, otherwise you can introduce a new queen any time)
    • where to find mason bees – set up your bee house and they will find it!
    • will there be a tour this year? – yes, still looking for volunteers – was going to be Bracebridge / Gravenhurst but maybe Parry Sound again, Rob will talk to Peter Istvan
  • reminder to take courses if you are interested – there are quite a few available right now
  • 50/50 – Joe won but donated his winnings to the club funds
  • Motion to adjourn by Joe seconded by Roland – carried.
  • formal meeting closed
  • equipment show and tell and discussion

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