MPSBA Meeting Minutes Mar 13, 2019 (NOT APPROVED)

Muskoka Parry Sound Beekeepers

March 13, 2019, Raymond Hall 6:30

31 in attendance.

Thanks Rob for making up the coffee, thanks Pam D. for the tea and thanks to those who brought the cookies and donuts.
Introductions all around.
Rob distributed MPS Beekeeper business cards to everyone – for us to pass out to interested folks.
Craig Nakamoto is running our website – It has a list of our
upcoming meetings and some good links to useful beekeeping info. Hopefully we will have access to our meeting minutes and also a group email list for all our members.

Jane – treasurer’s report.
Deposits are mostly from membership and 50/50 draw.
Expenses in 2018 – sponsoring fall fairs
-OBA fees

Cathy Crowder’s gift
-Tech transfer team donation
Rob moved, Jane seconded– move that we join the OBA again. Passed
Spring Nucs
Scott Ferrier still has nucs for sale
Marlo in Port Loring has nucs as well.
Bee yard registration – is mandatory with OMAFRA. Rob has forms to fill out. Registering your bee yard is free and is a good idea. It helps keep track of bee diseases and helps prevent their spread to neighbouring bee yards.
Bee Candy recipe – Jane brought a few copies of a recipe for bee candy and handed them out.
Speaker tonight is Kelsey Duscharm from Tech Transfer
She talked about the new rules concerning access to Antibiotics.
This is a quick overview of Kelsey’s presentation:

Speaker tonight is Kelsey Duscharm from Tech Transfer
She talked about the new rules concerning access to Antibiotics.
This is a quick overview of Kelsey’s presentation:

American Foulbrood AFB

-bacteria caused
-spores can remain on equipment indefinitely
-larva ingest spores and die
-spread by robbing and drifting to other hives
-diagnosis- with rope test – match stick, stringy to 1 inch.
-no cure
-all hives must be burned

European Foulbrood EFB

-bacteria caused-not as widespread or serious as AFB
-no spores,
-dies before capped over, twisted larva adheres to cell.

Treatment for AFB and EFB
Oxytet 25or Oxysol treatment Spring and Fall
4 g Oxytet with 35 g icing sugar
-apply 32 g per colony, 3 times at 4 to 5 day intervals
-stop treating 4 weeks before main honey flow
Tylan 100 Soluble (tylosin)
Fall only
Only for Oxytet resistance
If AFB is found, then hives must be burned, remaining hives that are not infected must be treated with oxytet, requeen with hygienic stock,
If EFB is found, burn all frames, treating the hives with Oxytet
National Biosecurity Standards

  1. first line of defense is Keep disease/pests out
  2. shut it down as soon as found
  3. purchase bees from reliable sources, only from inspected by OMAFRA and a permit.
    Inspect new bees for pests. Buy new equipment, never buy old frames.
  4. Swarms – are a huge biosecurity risk. Put in a separate yard, monitor often for
    5.Scorch hive tools between yards, do no use hive tools from another yard. Use disposable
    6.Cull old brood frames regularly to reduce spores and chemical residues

Background on the Legislation that is causing the change in antibiotic access for beekeepers:
WHO decided in 2000 to reduce antibiotic use in livestock because of the fear of a risk of antimicrobial resistance in diseases that affect humans. Most at risk are infants, elderly and those with compromised immune systems
Oxytet is part of the Tetracycline drugs, therefore an antibiotic. We now will have to purchase this from a Vet. In order for this to happen there musts be a Vet/Client
(beekeeper) relationship.
Vet Client Patient Relationship:

  • confirm registration of the beekeeper
    -number of colonies
    -confirm the production management practices of the beekeeper
    -confirm the standard operating procedure for use in a disease requiring an antimicrobial drug
    Dispensing of Antimicrobial Products
    There is still some uncertainty in dispensing of the antimicrobials.
    -bee and farm stores might be able to still sell
  • online

-vet clinics
Thanks Kelsey for your presentation. Several members were going to check in with our local vets to see about making it easier to set up our Oxytet purchases. We will let you know when we get some confirmations.

50/50 $35 prize – Joe Boehm wins– who donated $30. back. Thanks Joe.

Joe B., Peter I. move to close meeting. Passed 8:10 pm

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